Order of the Temple
Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon
religious, military and humanist order from Christian chivalry

Milice Ordre du Temple  pauvres chevaliers du christ et du temple de salomon

Authentic Templar Estate



official website Order of the Temple

Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon
succession from Hugues de Payns to Jacques de Molay,

Order of the Temple
Militia Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon,

The Order is Christic,
Authentic order that perpetuates the original rules and statutes since the creation of the Order of the Temple.
To this day, several Templar Orders claim to be the worthy successors of the Order.

But no one has ever answered that question.
What is true is that in 1314, following the execution of Jacques de Molay and Geoffroy de Charnay, the Order disappeared from the general public to be more discreet.

Following in the footsteps of our Ancient Brothers, The Order of the Temple, Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon was awakened and is governed under the Rules and Statutes of the Order of the Temple of January 13, 1128 of the Council of Troyes.
We claim nothing except to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, Knights Templar Monks.

Brotherly Love (Psalms 133)
Singing of the climbs, by David.

Oh! How pleasant it is, that it is sweet for brothers to stay together!
It is like the precious oil poured on the head that descends on Aaron's beard, on Aaron's beard, and on the collar of his clothes.

It's like the dew of the Hermon descending on the heights of Zion.

Indeed, this is where the Lord sends the blessing,

life, for eternity.

armoirie ODT PCCTS

milice templier

odt pccts

odt pccts





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